Social Media Free Sundays

Hi y’all. I’ve decided to share some thoughts on my blog every week.

Here’s the first one.

I am trying out a new thing. Social Media free Sundays.

Lately, I have really come to terms with my own addiction to the constant checking of every social media platform, even to Snapchat, which I swore I would never join. I realize it’s an important part of my career, to network, book shows, self-promote, get press, touch base with fans, etc. But also, what about the other things that are also important?

My own self-care. My creativity. My time.

Today, my first Sunday free of social media, I caught myself checking things mindlessly by accident on three separate occasions. This is three times too many of mindlessly doing something. That’s just as bad as mindlessly grabbing a bong, or a wine bottle, or my vibrator…well, maybe not as bad as the vibrator. 😉

I just want to do things with more thought and purpose in my life. It’s definitely difficult. I feel slightly empty. Like I’m supposed to be doing something. Like I might be missing something.  But what HAVE I done today?

I had an uninterrupted breakfast with my manager. I didn’t once check my phone and we had a very good conversation about my act and our goals for the next few months.

I spoke on the phone with my Aunt and felt very connected the entire conversation, not distracted by trying to multi-task.

I cleaned up my room a little, something I am constantly avoiding and procrastinating by my use of social media.

I thought about some new jokes. Since I’m not just mindlessly filling the void in my mind, I feel space for creativity and fresh ideas.

I feel more aware of the passage of time. I don’t look at the clock and think, “WTF…where did the past 3 hours go?” I’m more aware of what I did with them.

Now, I’m not trying to preach or anything. But I just wanted to share this in case anyone else wanted to join me in my Social Media free Sundays. I plan to keep on trying this.

I hope at some point to do entire weekends, but starting small! The first step is admitting you have a problem, and I realize I do.

As for my stand-up, I am trying to work on larger chunks in my act, so I can do longer sets without having to remember so many one-liners. And also, I want to try and write some lighter stuff since the past few weeks I wrote a ton of jokes about death. Now, maybe something lighter like tacos…no I’ll never do taco jokes.

I have been getting up more at Comedy and Magic club, which I love. They treat their comics so well. And the audiences are great there. I feel lucky for the opportunity to be part of such a great club. Though, I feel that comedy keeps getting harder. I love the process, but also sometimes it’s such a puzzle! The second I feel like I finally “get” it, it eludes me once again!

I am enjoying being single right now and not dating at all. I sometimes think I get too distracted by the idea of a new person in my life. And right now, I should focus on my stand-up and cleaning my room and stuff.

I’ve been slightly homesick lately. I miss my parents. I wish I could see my sister and my niece and nephew more. Everyone is so spread out. And time does go….as you know. I want to keep better track of it.

My Grandmother is not doing great. She’s 94 and maybe in her last days. My Aunt said she said she wished she had done more sailing and cross country skiing in her life. I’m trying to think of what I wish I would have done more of, if I were 94 looking back.

Let’s log off and ask ourselves these questions once in awhile.

Have a great week.